The history of Kotofey brand goes back to 1935. Established as Egorievsk-obuv footwear factory, its main focus was the creation of traditional Russian felt winter boots, valenki. In 1996, the factory signed a contract with Italian footwear company IGI&Co. adopting their shoe manufacturing technologies. The trade mark Kotofey (Russian name for the famous Puss in Boots character) was registered in 2001.

Quality has always been of paramount importance to the brand. The first ISO 9001: 2000 quality certificate was received in 2004, it was recertified again with an ISO 9001: 2008 certificate in 2016. The company has also won numerous other Russian and international awards at multiple shoe and designer competitions and expos.

Today Kotofey brand makes over 3 million pairs of shoes every year. The line includes shoes of all sizes, from baby’s first steps to men’s European size 45, and all seasons.



Footwear factory Lel was founded in 1997 in Kirov, Russia. Since then it has established itself as one of the leaders in the Eastern European footwear market, proudly representing Russian shoemaking traditions while using the latest Italian manufacturing technologies. Lel shoe collections are being updated every season. Many factors are considered: specific anatomical features of children’s growing feet, environmental friendliness of the materials, as well as the latest fashion trends.  Lel shoe factory produces over 200 shoe models in European sizes 19 to 43 for all seasons.

Lel shoes have received numerous awards for quality and customer appeal. Since 2003 onward the company has continuously been named on the “100 Best Products of Russia” list.

In 2011 the factory participated in the European footwear exhibition in Czech Republic and at an international exhibition in Dusseldorf, Germany where they won the ultimate prize for excellent quality of materials processing, comfort and ergonomics. Two of the models were named among the best 10 products in the Designer category.

Lel shoes sales reach is global – Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Mongolia, and now available in North America.