Determine Your Size - Boots

Child Size Chart

 Foot Length in cm Corresponding Children Shoe Size (Euro) Corresponding Children Shoe Size (US)
11 18 3
11.5 19 4
12 19.5 4.5
12.5 20 5
13 21 5.5
13.5 22 6
14 22.5 6.5
14.5 23 7
15 24 8
15.5 25 9
16 25.5 9.5
16.5 26 9.5
17 27 10
17.5 28 11
18 28.5 11
18.5 29 11.5
19 30 12
19.5 31 13


Youth Size Chart

 Foot Length in cm Corresponding Shoe Size (Euro) Corresponding Shoe Size (US)
20.5 32 1
21 33 2
21.5 34 3
22 35 3.5
22.5 35.5 4
23 36 4.5
23.5 36.5 5
24 37.5 6


Women's Size Chart

 Foot Length in cm Corresponding Shoe Size (Euro) Corresponding Shoe Size (US)
35 5
36 5.5
37 6
37.5 6.5
38 7
39 8
40 9
41 10


Men's Size Chart

 Foot Length in cm Corresponding Shoe Size (Euro) Corresponding Shoe Size (US)
37 5
38 5.5
39 6.5
40 7
41 8
42 8.5
43 9
44 10


The insole of your pair of shoes should be 5-8 mm longer (for summer shoes) and 5-15 mm longer (for winter shoes) than your foot. You can measure insoles of your other shoes for a better result!

You can only approximately find your shoes size using these tables! We can always help you to measure an insole of the pair you want to buy for more accurate result. This is a customer responsibility to contact our team and choose the right size of shoes! 

Buyer is responsible to pay for return shipment in case of choosing a wrong size of boots.

How to choose your pair of Valenki

This article in Russian language is here. Эта статья на русском языке здесь.

Valenki with lining and with no lining: what to choose

Valenki with no lining are good for people who are:

  • very active;
  • feel warm most of the time;
  • move mostly "home - car - store" or live in warmer climate.

People in Siberia have been wearing valenki with no lining for hundreds of years!

You can wear them during any season and any temperature (try to avoid rainy weather)! No sweaty feet at all!

This kind of valenki has very thick wool felt. It naturally creates a massaging effect which promotes better blood circulation. As a result your feet will always feel warm if you move actively.

This type of valenki is more affordable because the manufacturing is more cost effective.

Valenki with lining are good for people that are:

  • less active;
  • feel cold most of the time;
  • spend hours outside in very low temperatures.

 These models mostly are made of Italian decorative wool felt. Good for 0 C to -30 C.

How to choose your size

Place your child’s foot on a piece of paper making sure their foot is flat and the toes are uncurled. Make a mark directly behind their heel and a mark in front of the big toe. Use a measuring tape and measure the distance between the two marks. Make sure you measure both feet as it is quite normal to have one foot bigger than the other.

Now that you have the right foot measurement

Add the 'wiggle room', which will vary depending on the age and size of the feet. We recommend at least 1 cm for winter shoes.

To find the shoe size based on the measurement, simply follow the appropriate table below to the measurement that corresponds to the length of the foot tracing. If between sizes, go to the next highest half size. If one foot is longer than the other, buy a pair of shoes in the larger of the two sizes. Self-adhesive pads can be attached inside the heel of the shoe that goes on the smaller foot to keep it from slipping.